The Park (Anthony Gervasi novel)

The Park (Anthony Gervasi novel)

The Park is a mystery novel by Anthony Gervasi, published in 2005 by Publish America. The story revolves around a psychiatrist, Doctor Freeman, his former patient, Alex, and a police captain, Detective Richard Donovan, who embark on a journey to discover the mystery behind unexplained disappearances at Central Park, New York.

Plot Synopsis

The story begins in the 1700's, when a preist is brought into New Jersey to ward of a creature the villagers believe to be the Devil. Later, in 2005, a middle aged marine retiree, Alex, is acquitted from his mental institution by his phsychiatrist, Doctor Freeman, who begins to believe his story about a giant, winged murderous beast in Central Park, New York, after Alex is able to verify it with unexplained deaths and ripped articals of clothing. Doctor Freeman and Alex go to the police, where they meet police captain, Detective Richard Donovan, who also believes Alex, and helps Doctor Freeman and Alex hunt down the beast. They learn it originted from New Jersey and was run out by it's inhabitants in the 1700's. They later involve an ex-army police officer, Mike Nordell, who accompinies them in faceing the monster. The group set up several traps to try to take down the monster once and for all.

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