1997 M42 motorway crash

1997 M42 motorway crash

1997 M42 motorway crash
Location Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Reported injuries 60
Reported death(s) 3

The 1997 M42 motorway crash is a multiple vehicle collision which occurred on 10 March 1997 on the M42 motorway at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom as a result of fog. The accident happened after lorry driver David Fairclough of Wednesfield, West Midlands, entered the motorway from a slip road at 56mph and crashed his lorry into the back of a tanker, which then struck a Peugeot 205. Ultimately 160 vehicles were involved in the incident, which led to three deaths and 60 injuries. Fairclough was later sentenced to three months imprisonment for dangerous driving and his licence was revoked. However, in 2001 he brought legal action to have the licence reinstated, and was successful in this effort.

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