Le Bazar

Méga Centre Côte-Vertu

Méga Centre Côte-Vertu
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Opening date 1970s
No. of anchor tenants 5
Parking Outdoor
No. of floors 1

Méga Centre Côte-Vertu is a strip mall located in Montreal, Quebec's St. Laurent borough at the corner of Côte-Vertu Blvd. & Bégin Ave. The main anchors are Rona L'entrepôt, a warehouse, Bureau En Gros, Future Shop & .


The mall began in the 1970s as Le Bazar with a Woolco, Steinberg, Pascal Furniture. A Toys R Us opened in the 1980s, causing Pascal Furniture losing its mall access. Woolco closed in the 1980s, opting for Quebec's first Price Club store to install inside the former Woolco space under the name Club Price. The Steinberg supermarket was closed at the same time Club Price was installed at the mall. Steinberg's old space was later taken by Bellevue/Astral Home Entertainment, which would in turn close by the late 1990s. In 1993, Pascal Furniture closed, and the following year, a Club Meubles Pascal (not to be confused with Pascal Furniture) & Rona L'entrepôt were installed in the former Pascal Furniture space. Indoor mall space had been reduced to make room for a Bureau En Gros store that same year. By the mid-1990s, Club Price became Price Costco, only to close its doors after relocating to in the nearby Ahuntsic district of Montreal (now the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough). A standalone Pizza Hut was built in the 1990s, but moved near Vanier College during the 2000s and Tim Hortons occupies the former Pizza Hut space. The former Costco space remained empty, although warehouses briefly took the space. During the 2000s, the indoor mall format and the Le Bazar name were both retired, and Toys R Us was closed down, causing Winners taking the former place of Toys R Us. The remaining tenants of the indoor mall were moved to the northern side of the former Costco space, and Future Shop opened as well in the southern side of the former Costco space, causing the mall to adopt its current name. Other minor tenants also took the former Costco space, such as L'aubainerie Entrepôt. A Fly and currently Brault & Martineau Liquidation furniture centre took place of most of the former indoor mall space, while liquor bars were closed. Winners relocated to Place Vertu in the late 2000s, and Winners' space is taken by a warehouse.

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