Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria

Basic Data
Founded: 2008
Founded in: Vienna
President: Wolfgang Schüssel
Vice-Presidents: Peter Jankowitsch,
Alexander van der Bellen,
Website: www.oegavn.org

The Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria (UNA-Austria) was founded in 2008, when the "United Nations Association of Austria" and the "Austrian Association for Foreign Policy and International Relations" were merged. UNA-Austria is a founding member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) and has as well an independent youth organization, the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Austria (UNYSA-Austria).


The main aim of UNA-Austria is informing the austrian civil society about austrian foreign policy, international relations and the European Union. With that, UNA-Austria wants to strengthen the interest for actual international relevant topics in politics, economy and society. Another focus lies on information about the United Nations and its specialized organizations.


UNA-Austria organizes weekly lectures at the "UNA-Austria Wednesday Club", where diplomats, politicians and scientists are invited from all over the world to the premises of UNA-Austria at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Other lectures are being organized very often at the Austrian Parliament such as the lecture of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The biggest annual event are the "Foreign Policy Talks" which are being held since 1967 at in lower Austria.


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