Wacław Grabkowski

Wacław Grabkowski

Wacław Grabkowski (born 28 March 1953 in Wrocław) is a Polish multi-prize winning novelist, short story writer and poet. He is an author of books for adults and teenagers. He has been a member of the Association of Polish Writers (Stowarzyszenia Pisarzy Polskich) since 2000.

His short story Wypalacz drutu ("A Man Who Burns Wire") won the First Prize from the Association of Polish Writers (Stowarzyszenia Pisarzy Polskich) and monthly magazine Odra (magazine) in 2000. Another short story, Wrocław i trzy harmonie ojca ("Wroclaw and father's three harmonicas"), won the First Prize from the Wroclaw's Millennium Celebrations Office (Biuro Obchodów Milenium Wrocławia) and Odra (magazine). In 2003, his second novel Dzieci z Wilczego Kąta ("Children of Wolf's Corner"), won the First Prize in the competition for a contemporary novel, awarded and published by the publishing house ATUT. His third novel Park Wschodni ("The East Park"), won the Second Prize in a national competition for a Polish contemporary novel awarded and published by Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie (The Silesian Publishing) in 2006.

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