William H. Glenn

William H. Glenn

William H. Glenn
Born 1872
Cave Spring, Georgia
Died 1940 aoremovetag(aged 68)
Alma mater Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway
Georgia Railway and Electric Company

Southeastern Compress and Warehouse Company

William H. Glenn (1872–1940) was an 1891 graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and president of the .

Early life and education

Glenn was born in 1872 in Cave Spring, Georgia. He was the first person to register at Georgia Tech and was a member of the school's second ever graduating class in 1891 with a B.A. in science.


Glenn initially worked for the Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway as an inspector, purchasing agent, and assistant superintendent. Glenn was a vice president and manager of the Georgia Railway and Electric Company, and was later president of the Southeastern Compress and Warehouse Company until 1939.

Memberships and legacy


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