The Infinite Way

The Infinite Way

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The Infinite Way is a New Thought spiritual movement created by 21st century spiritualist Joel S. Goldsmith. According to Goldsmith, "The Infinite Way is a spiritual teaching consisting of principles which anyone may follow and practice, irrespective of his religious affiliation. The Infinite Way reveals the nature of God to be one infinite power, intelligence, and love; the nature of the individual being to be one with His qualities and character, expressed in infinite forms and variety; and the nature of the discords of this world to be a misconception of God's expression of Himself in His universe."


Goldsmith started teaching the lessons of The Infinite Way in 1940, and published his seminal work, The Infinite Way, in 1947. He began teaching and lecturing extensively that year, first on the West Coast of the United States, and then nationally in 1950.


"'The Infinite Way' is not a religion... but a philosophy involving a spiritual way of living. There is no organization, no structure, no rules, no church buildings, no leaders, and no bureaucracy. 'The Infinite Way' is comprised solely of the inspired works of Joel based on his revelations and experiences: the more than thirty-five books he authored, and the more than seven hundred audiotapes of his lectures and classes."

During his life Goldsmith took no remuneration for his spiritual work, including his lectures, speeches, and teachings. He also did not allow the promotion of his books and tapes, knowing instead that people would find them as they needed them.

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