Maharjan's (Nepali: महर्जन), are one of the original Newar castes or groups of Nepal, predominantly from Patan, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu in Kathmandu Valley. Newars are mixture of Indo-European people like Lichhavis, Mallas, Koliyas, Shakyas from Aryavart that is Indo-Gangetic plain present day Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India (Aryavart means Home of Aryans) and Austro-asian and mongolian people like Kirat, Ahir Gupta.

Maharjan people are also called Jyapu. Jya means work and Pu means complete. This term was given to them by later dynasties after they were displaced from political power. Since the Vedic Period jyapus ruled Nepal.First dynasty of Jyapus is Gopal Dynasty followed by Mahishpal Dynasty, collectively these dynasties are known as Ahir Dynasty. Kirat Dynasty ruled for 1000 years after Ahirs.

Lichhavis from Vaishali later conqured Nepal after defeating last king of Kirat Dynasty.Lichhavi Period is known as golden period of Nepal. Thakuri Kings after having defeated Lichhavis, changed Lichhavis into Jyapus.Since all the adminstrative and military jobs were denied to Lichhavis after their defeat,Lichhavis were forced to take occupation that of farmers.This political change caused them to mix with original farmers(Kirat,Ahir) of the kathmandu valley and they were incorporated into jyapu community. Jyapus are mixture of various races like Ahir Gupta, Kirat and Lichhavi. So Jyapu culture is a merge between Aryan Civilization and Kirat civiization. That is merge between Lichhavis, Kirats and Ahir Guptas. This historical merge created a distinct civilization which we know to day as Newar civilization.

Maharjans or Jyapus are the indigenous people of Kathmandu Valley but now can be found throughout Nepal. They mostly live in the Nepali cities of Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Kirtipur and Bhaktapur. Maharjan communities have higher stake in preserving ancient cultures existed from thousands of years tradition. Their language is Newari also known as Nepal Bhasa, which is the mother tongue of Newars. Modern Newars use Nepal Prachalit Lipi (script) for written language.

Maharjans are considered the true descendants of the original population of Kathmandu Valley are in majority within Newari community. Other castes in Newar community are later add-ons by due migrations in later times. Maharjans practice Hindusm and Buddhism both (mixed).


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