Kunern Castle

Knight's Castle Kunern is a castle in the village Konary (German: Kunern), Lower Silesia, Poland, located 55 km south of the city of Wrocław. Until 1945 it was a part of Silesia, Germany.

The castle Kunern belonged since 1730 to the estate Mittel-Schreibendorf owned by the family von Gaffron und Oberstradam. The palace is located 45 km northwest of Mittel-Schreibendorf. The Kunern Castle consist of three different manor houses and built in three different centuries - the oldest from early Middle Ages, the largest built in 1736 and the newest from 1900 century - The main castle in Kunern was built in by von Gaffron und Oberstradam (1714-1774) together his wife Julianne Elisabeth (1717-1746). The Kunern castle is a castle complex with a community.


  • Karten herausgegeben von der Preußischen Landesaufnahme

Coordinates: 50°39′15″N 17°09′07″E / 50.654137°N 17.152048°E

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