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Ramen worm

The Ramen worm, also referred to (albeit incorrectly) as the "Ramen virus", was a worm that spread in January 2001, targeting systems running versions 6.2 and 7.0 of the Red Hat Linux distribution.

This worm propagated using a brute force technique, searching the Internet for other machines running Red Hat Linux and copying itself to them. Once it infected a machine, it patched that same vulnerability, installed a rootkit, and sent the system's identity to an e-mail address coded in the worm.

An unusual feature of this worm was its calling card that made infected systems easily identifiable: It replaced all files on the system named "index.html" with a modified version with the page title "Ramen Crew", containing the following text and image link:

RameN Crew
Hackers looooooooooooooooove noodles.
This site powered by [image: http://www.nissinfoods.com/tr_oriental.jpg]

The referenced image is no longer available on the indicated server.

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