U.S. Route 27 Alternate (Sebring)

Bannered routes of U.S. Route 27

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U.S. Route 27
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There are at least two bannered routes of U.S. Route 27.

Williston–Perry alternate

U.S. Highway 27 Alternate
Location: WillistonPerry, Florida
Length: 94 mi (151 km)

An Alternate U.S. 27 routing exists in Florida. It is signed north–south, but is a primarily east–west route, running between Perry and Williston. ALT US 27 is concurrent with US 19-98 from Perry to Chiefland, and also has the hidden FDOT designation of State Road 55. Between Chiefland and Williston it is (hidden) SR 500. The entire length of the route is 94 miles (151 km).

Alternate U.S. 27 is one of the primary routes between northwest and central Florida, having been recently been four-laned along its entire route. With a signed speed limit of 65 mph (105 km/h), this gives it more capacity than the mostly-two-lane mainline route.

Columbus–Carrollton alternate

U.S. Highway 27 Alternate
Location: ColumbusCarrollton, Georgia

Former routes

Lake Weir alternate

U.S. Highway 27-441 Alternate
Location: BelleviewLady Lake, Florida
Existed: ?–1980

An Alternate U.S. 27 around Lake Weir, from Belleview to Lady Lake, existed until 1980. This was also co-signed with Alternate U.S. 441, and today is a bi-county maintained segment of Florida State Road 25.

Polk County alternate

U.S. Highway 27 Alternate
Location: Haines City
Existed: 1949–1998

Another Alternate U.S. 27 existed in Polk County from Haines City to . This bannered route was deleted in 1998. Nevertheless, some road maps and atlases still continue to show it. The road is now known as State Road 17.

Avon Park–Sebring alternate

U.S. Highway 27 Alternate
Location: Avon ParkSebring, Florida
Existed: 1949–1979

A third Alternate U.S. 27 existed from Avon Park to Sebring Southgate. It was deleted in 1979, and is also part of Florida State Road 17.


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